Good evening everyone! How’s your 2020 apocalypse going? I hope you got a lifetime supply of disinfectant, toilet paper, and bread; because hey, friends share, right? Ok, seriously, there’s a LOT of craziness going on right now, so allow me to address some of it. It’s an extremely fluid situation, so we are staying on top of it and making the best adjustments possible to ensure that we can keep our commitments to YOU. Your health and safety, and safety to the community as a whole have always been of paramount importance to us; and we remain even more committed to that today than we have been over the last year. We have your back and we have you covered, no matter what happens!


1) It’s important for each of us to focus on what we can control. This might seem obvious, but with a world that seems to be filled with fear and panic, it’s likely the healthiest way to approach the uncertainty. Adding undue worrying to an already stressful situation can compromise an immune system and have effects mentally, so if we focus intently on making the best decisions based on the best information we can find, we will see the best outcomes possible.

2) Please self-quarantine if you’re feeling unwell in any way, are the type to get sick easily, or have been traveling. If you’re well enough to exercise, we’ll be providing you with in-home workouts along with video demonstrations via our YouTube page each day for the foreseeable future, so please… stay home, get fit, keep those little germs to yourself.

3) If you’re at the gym, you MUST wash your hands upon arrival after you’ve changed your shoes (obviously those aren’t clean). When the workout is over, opt for a good ole’ fashioned thumbs up or A-OK instead of hugs, high fives, and fist bumps. Then snag a cleansing wipe and use it to wipe down anything you touched equipment-wise. Once you’re done, use that same wipe to cleanse your phone and case! Please limit wipe usage to 1 person; shopping today, we couldn’t find any more, soooo let’s conserve them for the immediate time being. Once you’ve thrown your wipe away, wash your hands thoroughly (between fingers, under nails, under cuticles) before you head home. No viruses are to survive! 🙂


1) We currently have no plans to close. We are open! Looking at the experts, the CDC information, and Ohio governmental recommendations and guidelines, it seems it’s safe to continue to run classes. If that changes, as mentioned above, we are prepared! (…if you want to discuss this decision, pleaseeee let me know; I’m always open to new information and ways of doing things better!)

2) We will be producing an at-home option for every day this week and for the foreseeable future. You can find these videos at our YouTube page! Subscribe and you’ll be notified when the next one is posted!

3) Effective immediately, The Standard is not accepting drop-ins. We trust all of you to treat our space the way you’d treat your own home, but we cannot be sure that “outsiders,” would do the same, so new members and drop in requests are suspended. This means we’re relying on you guys more than we already do, so thanks for the mind-bogglingly consistent support!

3) Sanitation talk… We have been diligently disinfecting after every class to ensure cleanliness is at the highest level. If we miss something please let us know or chip in yourself (…as if you don’t already.)

4) We’re exploring an equipment borrowing option (think: Library) with our insurance company which would help make those workouts more interesting/miserable. We’ll keep you posted as that conversation develops.

5) T-Shirt orders are in progress, but the supplier is delayed for a myriad of reasons, soooo we’re delivering later than we’d expected.

March Madness kicked off with a BANG!! A Fran-cough-inducing BANG. Thanks Coach Sam. Thanks.


Some of you are self-quarantined or perhaps sick already and cannot participate each week. While it’d be a lot of fun to see leaderboards and results, it seems unfair to encourage people to stay home but then be excluded from competing, so… We will announce each workout and program it every Friday like we planned, but everyone will have the entire length of the competition to submit performance scores. Obviously, you should complete them on schedule as much as you’re able, but if it’s a choice between staying home to protect others and getting a workout score in before an arbitrary deadline…. STAY HOME!!

Remember, no redo’s. You can’t redo Death Race three weeks from now and re-submit it. Just do your best on your one shot and it’ll be fine. 🙂

We can get through this. We WILL get through this. We will thrive in the end!


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