New website, new blog, same address.

Last weekend we had a great time hanging out and hitting terrible shots in even more terrible weather. 🙂

Thanks to SeanT for setting it up and risking his wrist health to be a good host!

Can you find the “easter egg?”
Libbe’s face describes how we all felt while doing 22.2. She put forth a PHENOMENAL effort in this work out!

Ok, I want to talk about some behind the scenes things that are happening in this week’s blog. I hope that it’s noticeable that my primary focus when considering what happens at The Standard is the optimal experience for everyone who chooses to train with us. I want to have coaches that care and know their stuff, I want to have equipment that’s up-to-date and safe, I want a levels system that you can track your progress and set goals for the future, and much more. We’ve been open for 3 years and it seems like we only opened yesterday. As I think about what the next 3 years will look like, I have a bunch of different ideas that I hope to make come to fruition– a stand-alone location, a private personal training studio, a 24/7 access offering, a second location, more specialty classes/workshops, more Echo Bikes (ok.. maybe not that one), etc. In their own ways, each of those will make the benefits of being a Standard member even more valuable, but in order to make those happen, we need more funds and that means we need more friends. So I hired a company in January to help me redesign the website so it’s more search friendly and produces more leads and it seems to doing just that, so that’s good start! Here’s how you can help me, help you (Jerry Maguire, anyone?)…

  1. Be friendly. We already do this and it’s beautiful to watch. One thing to keep in mind if you don’t know someone– they may not be new, they just go to a different class than you. “Hey, I’m Frank, I haven’t met you yet, have I?” “I don’t think so,” “Cool! Have you been doing this long?” “Nope, just a week/Yep, a few months now/I’m OG and go to the 6am class that you don’t wake up for.” 🙃 Great job “Frank!”
  2. We could really use referrals. If anyone you know would benefit from being at The Standard, I would love to talk with them. Sometimes the hesitation is cost or intimidation, or lack of belief in themselves– I like to think we can overcome all of those objections. So please be on the lookout for people that would be a good fit for our community and training style. 🙂
  3. Reviews. Just like when you search through Amazon, reviews can help direct someone’s choice. If you haven’t left us a Google review yet, that’s surprisingly helpful. CLICK HERE if you’re willing to do that now.
  4. Social media posts and sharing. If you’re having a great time with us, consider posting about it the next time you level up or do something you’re proud of or heck, even if you just have a laugh. More eyeballs, more people, more people, more fun, more fun, more happiness. 🙂

That’s enough of that. I just wanted you to know I’m making plans for the future and give you an idea of where we going. Thanks, as always, for being a part of what we’re all building together. I’m proud of how people feel coming in our doors and you all play a gigantic role in that.

We have 22.3 coming this week and it’s likely we’re going to get thrusters, double unders, and rig gymnastics; so if you’re in The Open, don’t overdo it on your hands or legs this week. That said… WORKOUTS!

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